The agency that shatters
the conventions of traditional communication.

La description de la tasse à café

FMad was founded from a simple premise:
People don’t get up in the morning to look at advertising.
You don’t, I don’t, and neither do consumers.

You have to be offbeat to grab people’s attention.

This is true for press, television and poster campaigns.
It’s even truer on the web, where there are hundreds of thousands of campaigns at the same time.
FMad agency offers customized online and offline strategic communication solutions
for every issue.

Our offbeat way of communicating with consumers is unique.
Too often, companies use the same old message of efficiency & price,
which does not facilitate brand recall. To get your message across,
we bring forth a third dimension for every campaign: the emotional dimension.

And healthcare professionals?

Physicians, pharmacists and patients are not inborn consumers of advertising either.

For them, we must have a serious discourse about the substance but a differentiated message about the content, whether in product communication for the former or in environmental communication for the latter. What is true for a key visual is just as true for all the components of a campaign: digital material for sales reps, patient information sheets, mail shots & e-mail shots, website, medical video, etc.